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EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

The Data Centres Code of Conduct has been created in response to increasing energy consumption in data centres and the need to reduce the related environmental, economic and energy supply impacts.

The aim is to inform and stimulate operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the critical function of data centres. Providing a platform to bring together European stakeholders to discuss and agree voluntary actions which will improve energy efficiency following European conditions such as the climate and energy markets regulations.

As endorsers of the code, we encourage our clients who are looking for Data Centre network communications infrastructure to choose an appropriate vendor that offers technologies sympathetic to the environment.

Data Centre Alliance

Data Centre Alliance Partner

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) is a not-for-profit international industry association representing the interests of the data centre infrastructure sector.

The main activities of the DCA include:

  • Driving awareness of the data centre industry to the business world, the media, governments and the general public
  • Promoting the development and harmonisation of data centre standards
  • Leading the industry's research and development agenda
  • Addressing the data centre sectors skills gap
  • Engaging collaboration with the industries stakeholders
  • Working on programmes to improve environmental sustainability
  • Widen participation to both new and growing markets.

Membership is open to all data centre operators both private and commercial as well as supply chain organisations which support the industry.

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