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New HP FlexFabric 5900CP Switch provides a converged, top-of-rack, data centre switch architecture

02 February 2015

Wire Once Data Centre Convergence with FCoE

  • The HP FlexFabric 5900CP Switch Series provides 48 converged ports supporting 1/10GbE and 4/8Gbps FC for increased flexibility of deployment.
  • All 48 ports support LAN, iSCSI, NAS, FC and FC SANs, so that you can support diverse storage choices.
  • Converged transceiver supporting 1/10GbE and 4/8/16Gbps FC allowing for future growth as well as backward compatibility.

High-Performance Data Centre Switching

  • The HP FlexFabric 5900CP Switch Series delivers 1.28Tbps switching capacity for the most demanding applications.
  • Supports up to 952 MPPS throughput for data intensive environments.
  • Low latency, under a 1.5us 10GbE latency, provides business agility.
  • Four 40GbE QSFP+ ports for very high performance uplinks.

Business Agility and Resilience with Comware 7

  • The HP FlexFabric 5900CP Switch Series delivers IRF
  • In Service Software Update (ISSU) enables high availability with updates accomplished without a reboot or power cycle, in the background.

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