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Campus Switching

The rapid growth and importance of real-time applications such as VoIP, video and collaboration suites push legacy networks to their limit with ever-increasing demands for bandwidth and overall enhanced Quality of Service (QoS).

Our Campus LAN solution offers new architecture that is simplified and flattened, with just two layers instead of the traditional three.

In many cases, it is possible to eliminate the need for a distribution layer due to the introduction of wire-rate 10GbE/40GbE core switches, with market-leading port density and switching capacity.

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Wireless Networking

As users become increasingly mobile, wireless has moved from simply being a convenience to the primary means of network access. In order to effectively respond to this challenge, organisations need to provide sophisticated mobile users with ubiquitous, secure, and uninterrupted connectivity.

With our WLAN solution, organisations can build high performing wireless networks, deliver superior quality of service for hundreds or thousands of users, and scale WLANs across the enterprise and beyond — indoors, outdoors, and across campuses — without compromising security or manageability.

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Cyber Security

Network Security

Despite increasing focus on security in the press and the boardroom, the security capabilities in many organisations have not kept pace with a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Mobile devices, social media, cloud computing, and other developments have enabled new ways of working while disrupting the IT environment. These changes have occurred at breakneck speed, dictated by the needs of the business, the development of IT, and the speed of adoption by users. In many organisations, security has not kept up with these business changes.

Utilising world-class people and technology, we deliver 100% guaranteed information compliance, and data security solutions. Our flexible security service portfolio allows you to outsource whole or component parts of your IT and information security requirements or access specialist support as needed when impartiality is critical.

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Network Monitoring

Unified Communications

With Unified Communications, organisations can quickly create the modern, mobile, multi-device and multi-media environment that users demand.

With our Unified Communications solution, collaborating, conferencing and messaging all become more immediate and more flexible. We provide a suite of tools to enable organisations of any size to collaborate more effectively - increasing productivity, enabling mobility and encouraging ‘anywhere’ communication.

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Our Mission

A secure network infrastructure is the lifeblood of most organisations. As technology advances mean users demand greater speed and mobility; IT departments are under increasing pressure to deliver a secure and agile  infrastructure.

We work with our clients to design open standards-based infrastructure solutions, so that they can choose the best-in-class solution for their business needs and avoid the financial and technical constraints of vendor lock-in.

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Accreditation and certification of competency
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